Amarante: Casa das Lérias is a strategic project, recognizes the founder of Mercan Properties

20 December, 2021
Amarante: Casa das Lérias is a strategic project, recognizes the founder of Mercan Properties

Located in the heart of the Historic Center, just over 50 meters from the Church and Convent of S. Gonçalo, Casa das Lérias has been, since October, a welcoming hotel, in which the Canadian company Mercan Properties has invested 7 million euros.

Although it has been in operation since October, Casa das Lérias was inaugurated, in its hotel version, at the end of last week, with the presence of representatives of the company that acquired the property, Mercan Properties, which invested 7 million euros in the rehabilitation and transformation works, project by Bárbara Abreu Arquitectos.

Casa das Lérias has 23 rooms, café and bar and is located on Cândido dos Reis street level, with access to the mythical esplanade (which in summer shades an old wisteria) which, in the past, hosted many notables from Amarante, from Teixeira de Pascoaes to Alexandre Pinheiro Torres, and an outdoor leisure area, bordering the Tâmega river, which includes a swimming pool for guests. From the 1950s to the 1970s, Casa das Lérias (then known by the name of Alcino dos Reis, its owner) was a must-visit place, whether for tourists, transit travelers or businessmen.

As a hotel, Casa das Lérias is positioned as “ideal for those looking for a service with modern amenities that combine comfort and elegance”. Of the success of that unit – which also offers a café and bar space, with service from Thursday to Sunday – there is no doubt about Jordi Vilanova President of Mercan Properties, who, at the inauguration ceremony, stated that his company made “a safe bet on a strategic project, which has as its anchor an emblematic building, integrated in the historic center of a city with immense potential in the area of ​​tourism”. The same opinion expressed José Luís Gaspar, Mayor, saying that he was grateful for the investment made in Casa das Lérias, guaranteed that the Municipality will continue to work on improving the offer and making the Amarante brand more attractive.


Source: Amarante Magazine