Portugal is considered the friendliest country in the world

20 June, 2022
Portugal is considered the friendliest country in the world

For the first time, Portugal was considered the friendliest country in the world, appearing in 1st place in a list of 65 countries. Portugal has climbed nine places compared to 2016.

The parameters analyzed were the attitude towards immigrants, the ease of making friends, and the probability of expatriates staying in the country. Moving up nine places since the last study, carried out in 2016, Portugal received excellent reviews from ex-pats who passed through. Analyzing the parameters of the study, 94% of ex-pats like the attitude of the Portuguese, 58% say that it is easy to make friends in Portugal and almost half of the people who pass through our country (47%) would like to stay. Around 36% of the people surveyed said they immediately felt “at home” in Portugal, a figure that corresponds to almost double the global average. Of these people, about 47% responded that they contemplated the possibility of staying in the country indefinitely. A significant number of respondents stated that most of the friends they have in Portugal are residents.

It seems that Portugal is a country where the sunny weather matches the warm welcomes by the populous. Some of Portugal's cities have even been described as "Heaven on Earth" - what more does one need?


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