The President of Mercan Properties attended the Investment Immigration Podcast to talk about why invest in Portugal

21 September, 2022
The President of Mercan Properties attended the Investment Immigration Podcast to talk about why invest in Portugal

Jordi Vilanova, President of Mercan Properties, was the guest of the episode 2 of the Investment Immigration Podcast. In this conversation, several topics were discussed about the main benefits of investing in Portugal and the value of the hotel sector in the country.


When asked about the main reasons on why foreign investors should make their investments in Portugal, the President of Mercan Properties gave five assertive grounds on why he believes that Portugal is the best option available.

“There are several reasons why this country is so special, in addition to being in the European Union. The first one, undoubtfully, is safety. Portugal is the ranked the 3rd safest country in the world. The second reason is also free healthcare, which is very appreciated. The third reason, if you have a family, is free high-quality education, not only primary and secondary schools, but also universities. There are other elements which are also relevant, the fourth one that I would mention is the fact that English is widely spoken. Portugal is probably one of the main European countries where English is widely spoken. The fifth one, which we should not forget, is taxes. Portugal has a special program that allows a foreigner to have a tax regime with a maximum cap of 20%. I can not finish these features of Portugal, without talking about the beauty and the diversity of this country and its people”, said Jordi Vilanova.


The Investment Immigration Podcast host, Salman Siddiqui, also questioned Mr. Vilanova on the actual strategy of Mercan Properties and why is the hospitality sector so valuable and safe in the immigration investment process.

“We have always believed, in our experience, this is one of the safest investments for someone who is looking for immigration. These investors, generally speaking, want to have a safe investment and, mainly, they are looking to get their money back, and eventually with some returns. This is the main reason why we focused on the hotels sector. We must say that our partnerships with the top brands in the hospitality sector, such as Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental and Wyndham, it’s definitely something that was very useful for us, when we started developing hotels in Portugal”, said the President of Mercan Properties.


Many more topics were also discussed in this conversation, which we recommend you listen to on the UGlobal website.

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