Interview with Mercan Properties' HR Director: "We are a very focused company and aware of the value of our human resources".

16 November, 2022
Interview with Mercan Properties

Mercan Properties' Human Resources Director, Nuno Gomes, talked to Human Resources Portugal about the company's future challenges in attracting and retaining talent.

"Thanks to the effort and dedication of our employees and the success of our investments, Mercan Properties now has a financial robustness that positions us in a more comfortable situation to face the current challenges."

When asked about the initiatives implemented by Mercan Properties to attract the best professionals, the HR Director said "Nowadays, to attract the best talent, a company has to ensure the job satisfaction of its employees in its various aspects, such as the well-being at the workplace, flexibility and a healthy relationship between personal and professional life. These factors emerge as decisive elements when formalizing the employment contract.

"I believe that the valorization of human resources is the trend for the coming years. Workers and the market are more and more conscious about the need for employees to feel good about the tasks they perform. This point will indeed to become imperative for companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate. I believe that it will be very important to encourage a work culture that promotes enthusiasm and the full and constant well-being of employees", said Nuno Gomes.

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