Porto Arts Hotel: Behind the art signature

15 May, 2023
Porto Arts Hotel: Behind the art signature

The new Mercan Properties project opened on April 3rd and it’s already been in the spotlight for its artistical inspiration: Porto’s Faculty of Belas Artes.

Art’s Porto Hotel, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, it’s an urban rehabilitation project of a historical 18th-century building, located in the heart of the city, within a five-minute walk of Porto’s main sights. 

It is no coincidence that its primary location, next to the Faculty of Belas Artes of Porto - influenced its vibrant and artistic atmosphere. The building's rehabilitation preserved its 18th-century facade, welcoming travelers in a cozy and elegant ambiance from the moment they enter the lobby. The artistic influence is noticeable in the colors and shapes represented in the hotel's design, inspired by the artistical design of Pedro Valentino who intended to create a theatrical scenery in every area. 

There is always a place for history…

The historical inspiration is also represented in the visual elements and different textures displayed throughout the hotel's design, reflecting the bohemian and cultural atmosphere of the city of Porto. The rehabilitation of this emblematic building, in the old Rodrigues de Freitas Avenue, elevates the architectural beauty and ambiance of the city.

It is through this long avenue, full of historical buildings and mature trees, that travelers can discover the avant-garde movement of Porto's artistic creation, and stumble upon pieces of the city's history, such as the Nossa Senhora da Boa Esperança School, which stands out for its architectural features, as well as the church next door, whose authorship is attributed to Nicolau Nasoni.

An immersive experience, which intends to offer its guests an intimate and authentical connection with the city's environment. 


Living is an art

This four-star unit offers 53 spacious rooms and suites, a bar, and a restaurant with gastronomic delicacies from around the world. During the summer months, guests can enjoy a signature cocktail on the terrace, or by the pool, surrounded by a unique and lush garden and terrace.


In addition to its contemporary atmosphere, Art's Hotel Porto is surrounded by the cosmopolitan life of the city of Porto. In a privileged location, the hotel is situated near the Coliseu do Porto, the São João Theatre, and the Santo Ildefonso Church, and a few minutes walk from the famous Rua de Santa Catarina and São Bento Station.

It is the proximity to the most cultural sights of the city that makes Art's Porto Hotel the ideal place to experience the cultural and artistic heritage of the City of Porto while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing stay in a unique and disruptive hotel, where art speaks for itself. 

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