Discovering Lagos: a tour guide

31 May, 2023
Discovering Lagos: a tour guide

Famously known for its renowned beaches of warm colors, rock formations, and crystal-clear waters, Lagos is a place full of wonders, enriched in history that goes back more than 2000 years. Nowadays, it has become one of the most visited cities in the Algarve region and the top summer destination in Europe, where travelers came to discover its extraordinary beauty and enjoy one of the top destinations in Europe. 

Home of one of the most prestige beaches in the world – Praia da Dona Ana – Lagos is by far the best destination for summer lovers. More than the beaches the city itself transpires the rhythm and culture of the Algarve, preserving the artistical movement of the Celtic origins, as well as the historical architecture of the typical Algarvian houses. 

Sunset at Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse || Source: Iberian Escapes

The cultural heritage of Lagos joins with the dynamic vibes of traditional pubs and small local taverns that give life to the evenings in the historic center of the town. No doubt theirs is a lot to discover! Here’s a list of 6 places not-to-miss in the ancient city of Lagos. 

Student’s Beach 

Divided by a central cliff of majestic cliffs, the “Praia dos Estudantes” is one of the most beautiful and natural beaches in Lagos. Surrounded by rock formations of wild grass, what comes to attention on this amazing beach is the Roman bridge that connects the top of the cliffs. The perfect place for scuba diving or a kayak tour across the calm and crystal-clear waters.

Student's Beach || Source: Sapo Viagens

Camilo Beach

Still competing with Praia da Ana for beauty and natural scenery, the "Praia do Camilo" is as beautiful as the tranquility of its waters. The impact of the long staircase that gives access to the beach embellishes these surroundings of colorful cliffs that form a small tunnel of passage in the water, to amazing caves and furnaces.


Camilo Beach || Source: World Beach Guide

Dona Ana Beach 

Famously known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with amazing sightseeing places from both ends. It is the bright yellow of the cliffs that distinguishes this wonderful set of clear and warm waters, culminating in a small, beautiful bay around. 

Dona Ana Beach || Source: Algarve South 

Ponta da Piedade 

A paradisiacal scenery of one of the most western points of Portugal. It is not a beach, but a set of rock formations with cliffs 20m high, with an impressive shape! Here, travelers can find caves, tunnels, and natural pools, going down the long staircase to a small port from where you can explore the natural and calm bays of turquoise-blue surrounding Ponta da Piedade, by boat or kayak. Above the cliffs, wooden passages help travelers to see the region from the top of strategic viewpoints, giving access to an old lighthouse - Ponta da Piedade Farol - built between 1912 and 1913, once a Roman and Moorish fortification.

Ponta da Piedade || Source: Dicas de Lisboa e Portugal

Descobrimentos Avenue 

This is the oldest and main street of Lagos historical center, filled with remains from the Portuguese expeditions. From where the starting point for ships and boats on their journey to the seafront, nowadays it is on these graceful avenue travelers can find all types of handicrafts, regional cuisine stalls and, the oldest and historical ship in the book – “Boa Esperança” Caravel – close to Lagos Marina.  

Marina Lagos || Source: Algarve Family 

Governador Castel and Ponta da Bandeira Fort 

These are two historic buildings that look back to the time of the Celtic invasions in southern Portugal. Formed by great walls, the Governador Castle is an exemplar of the military architecture of the time and a medieval fortress with the glorious past of the Portuguese navigators' expeditions. Located in the most central part of Lagos, the Ponta da Bandeira fort was also built to protect the city in the 17th century. A well-preserved place, not modified by the marks of time that currently works as a museum for Portuguese expeditions, with a sixteenth-century tiled chapel in its interior.

Ponta da Bandeira Fort || Source: TripAdvisor 

Why Lagos?

Besides the natural beauty of its beaches, Lagos is a city rich in activities and excursions, whether they are along the coast or on the high seas. There is always a plan for every type of tourist. Whether strolling through the streets of the historic center, discovering the beauty of the old churches of Santa Maria, or the comfort of small squares like Gil Ianes square, or exploring the natural wonders of the sea caves along the Algarve coast. Lagos is a place for everyone who can enjoy relaxing moments by the sea while immersing themselves in the history of one of the most characteristic cities of Portuguese culture.