A solid team with an ambitious vision aiming at adding value to each and every project.





Our Corporate team

Nuno Gomes
HR Business Partner

Bachelor's degree in psychology and human resources management | Master's degree in economics and human resources management

More than 20 years working in human resources management in services and industry.

Mercan Properties has a team with an incredible quality and experience, under a unique leadership, I doubt that there is anything that they propose to achieve and not succeed.

Mercan Properties is part of the Mercan Group of Companies.

Mercan Group of companies, founded in 1989 by Jerry Morgan, is a leading Canadian Immigration company and consists of a number of entities, each specialising in sectors within immigration like investment, education and foreign worker recruitment. Mercan has helped bring more than 45,000 foreign immigrants to Canada, EU and USA. Moreover, through Mercan's recruitment companies,  more than 10,000 foreign workers were brought to Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East, Malaysia and the Caribbean Islands.




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