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Our Engineering team

Luís Miguel Gomes
Project Manager

MBA|Engineering Graduate|Manager
My career has led me to specialize increasingly in the management of complex multi-cultural projects and teams.
My experience has been built based on training and work experience, having participated in more than 600 projects in different countries, managing insourcing and outsourcing  teams.
I have experience in: strategic forward-planning; operating within the tight financial disciplines imposed by ambitious budgets which I have helped to plan; methodical administration to deadlines (not to speak of crisis management where necessary); and the application of modern leadership methods (through staff motivation and involvement in both decision-making and target-setting, clarity in communication, and easy personal inter-relations).
My own cosmopolitan background and analytical interests in other cultures, together with a command of several European languages, have also left me confident in handling negotiations that require the reconciliation of different national approaches to otherwise common problems.

Luís Pinho
Project Manager

With honor and joy, I remenber to learn to drive in my grandfather´s lap grabbing the car´s steering wheel with him. And with same feeling I drove my 14-year career path as an MBA, Civil Engineer and Project Manager. I spent these years managing not only retail projects with total worth of 10 million euros/year but also managing real estate projects in the Portuguese market. Today, together with my team we are in the driver´s seat of growth in the country for Mercan Group.

José Torres
Project Manager

Pos-graduation degree, in Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation by Universidade do Minho on 2010;
Pos-graduation degree, MBA by Universidade Fernando Pessoa on 2012;
Pos-graduation degree, Real Estate Management by Porto Business School, 2020 - 2021;
Praticce since 2001 in Construction Supervision and Project Management;
Project manager on RAG since August 2018.

Gonçalo Malheiro
Project Manager

MBA|Engineering Graduate
My professional career, which has 15 years of experience, has always been guided by rigor, team spirit and constant learning.
My guidelines have always been based on the principles and values of Rugby, a sport that I am proud to have practiced at the highest level for more than 20 years, and that is still part of my daily life today.
The passage through the commercial and production areas in rehabilitation projects on the first 6 years of professional work, gave me the knowledge to embrace what I most like to do, Project Management.

Today it is my goal, together with my team, putting in practice all the skills developed and continuous improvement, to grow up Mercan Group in Portugal.

José Maria Ascensão
Project Manager

Marketing Graduate

After 22 years in Portugal’s biggest retail Company and in the last 12 as an equipment, facilities and purchase manager which allowed me to grow and perfect my interpersonal, negotiation, and mediation skills, I am now a proud member of a team who’s objective is to push the Mercan Group forward.

Honor, loyalty and ambition are the values I treasure the most.

Driven by the certainty that every day is possible to do more and better and that all challenges can be overcome.

Mercan Properties is part of the Mercan Group of Companies.

Mercan Group of companies, founded in 1989 by Jerry Morgan, is a leading Canadian Immigration company and consists of a number of entities, each specialising in sectors within immigration like investment, education and foreign worker recruitment. Mercan has helped bring more than 45,000 foreign immigrants to Canada, EU and USA. Moreover, through Mercan's recruitment companies,  more than 10,000 foreign workers were brought to Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East, Malaysia and the Caribbean Islands.




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