A solid team with an ambitious vision aiming at adding value to each and every project.


The vision of the finance department is to be an enabler and provide value added solutions to all the stakeholders, all the steps of the way. Our mission is addressed to you, that searches for a once in a lifetime investment opportunity.

Our goals are: 

  • to provide financial investment opportunities that suit your goals and ambitions;
  • to structure each and every investment all the way;
  • tax planning to get the most efficient framework and layout, always complying with all the legal and tax requirements;
  • to be a safeguard of statutory booking and independent audit;
  • to search for the most efficient financial and debt solutions.


Our Finance team

Pedro Braz
Chief Financial Officer

CFO of Mercan Properties;
Corporate Finance Director of ACA Group
CFO Transportes Freitas;
CFO and Central Services Officer in Salsa Jeans;
CFO at Sodecia. 

Carla Teixeira
Certificate Accountant

Certificate Accountant in Mercan Properties since 2018;
Degree Financial Management;
16 year of experience.

Sónia Mendonça
Certified Accountant

Certificate accountant in Mercan Properties since 2018;
Degree Financial Management;
16 year of experience in accounting and financial documents;
Project planning and management.

Ana Cidade
Financial Administrative

Accounter for the various companies of the Group;
Administration and financial control;
Assistant for other companies in Portugal an UK.

Alexandre Sousa
Corporate Controlling & Consolidation

Controlling & Consolidation of Mercan Properties;
Head of Management Control of Widerproperty for 6 years;
Head of Consolidation & Financial Controlling of Chamartín Group for 7 years.

Paula Gomes
Certificate Accountant

Certificate accountant in Mercan Properties since 2021
Degree Financial Management
23 year of experience in accounting and financial documents

Mercan Properties is part of the Mercan Group of Companies.

Mercan Group of companies, founded in 1989 by Jerry Morgan, is a leading Canadian Immigration company and consists of a number of entities, each specialising in sectors within immigration like investment, education and foreign worker recruitment. Mercan has helped bring more than 45,000 foreign immigrants to Canada, EU and USA. Moreover, through Mercan's recruitment companies,  more than 10,000 foreign workers were brought to Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East, Malaysia and the Caribbean Islands.




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